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Airtalk.com is the Telecommunications Industry's most comprehensive resource for cable pressurization system information and technology. It is presented and maintained by System Studies Incorporated, a leading supplier for nearly four decades of innovative services and cable pressurization products for the telephone industry.
Announcing Two New System Studies Employees

While we were sad to see two long term System Studies employees retire in early 2018, we are also pleased to announce that Alanna Harvey and Bob Steiger will be joining us moving forward.

Alanna Harvey

Bob Steiger

Alanna replaces Sheryll Hiatt as Sales Manager, and Bob Steiger takes over for Tim Taylor as Field Engineer serving customers in a large portion of the United States. Please contact Alanna for questions about ordering or Bob for information about our numerous air pressure products and services.
What to Do if Your Monitoring System Crashes or Fails

. . . If your company uses PressureMAP and PressureWEB, there's a quick remedy: give our Technical Support Team a call at 800-247-8255 or 831-477-8945, and they will quickly diagnose the problem. In most cases they can assist you in getting your monitoring system back online.

But there are other times when a system replacement is the only alternative. That's when our tech support and field engineers team up to quickly recommend and quote an appropriate System Studies 289H LSS or uM260 monitor sized for your office. They know how critical time is when an unmonitored office puts your outside plant in jeopardy.

Here is what you will be getting with a System Studies Monitoring System:
  • New equipment that is often less expensive than the failed card it replaces
  • A field-proven, reliable unit designed and manufactured in the USA
  • A system approved for purchase in all major telephone companies
  • A PressureMAP/PressureWEB-compatible system
  • Integrated hardware and software utilizing a single device database
  • Ability to read nearly all cable pressure and flow transducers, plus binary alarms
  • Available in either a modem or LAN communications configuration
  • One year warranty
Once you approve our quote, our manufacturing department jumps into action and prepares the proposed monitoring unit for next day delivery.* When you receive your new monitor, simply contact our support staff and they will guide you through the installation and cutover processes.

They'll convert your old system's PressureMAP data and make sure the system is fully functional and ready to go. Depending upon the number of devices being monitored, a replacement system can often be installed and working operation in under two hours.

* For next day delivery your order must be received by 1:00 p.m. Pacific Time.
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