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Airtalk.com is the Telecommunications Industry's most comprehensive resource for cable pressurization system information and technology. It is presented and maintained by System Studies Incorporated, a leading supplier for nearly four decades of innovative services and cable pressurization products for the telephone industry.
A Look at Air Pipe System Designs & Delivery Pressure

Recently System Studies made some interesting discoveries about air pipe delivery pressures, particularly the effects of high flowing pipes. Check out the information below.
History of Cable Pressure System Designs
Effects of High Air Pipe Flow rates on Delivery Pressure
Is copper cable theft a problem in your area?
System Studies has a monitoring solution that has proven to be successful in identifying and providing timely alarm notification of a cable theft in progress. The new application, called CopperWATCH™, works in conjunction with our uM260 Micro Monitor™ and Cable Section Locator (CSL) devices to provide immediate detection, confirmation and dispatching on cable theft problems.

Find out more: CopperWATCH Telephone Cable Theft Monitoring 

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Instructional Videos

Check out the latest instructional videos in our Training section.
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