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High Resolution Transducers and Miscellaneous Sensors

In the mid-1980s System Studies introduced our first hardware product: the Flow Finder™. The Flow Finder is a simple device that is installed at key locations along an air pipe route to provide a convenient and accurate means of measuring air pipe consumption. The immediate success of the Flow Finders helped to define subsequent product development efforts. A short time later we began developing a line of high resolution pressure and flow monitoring devices. The High Resolution Flow Transducer was designed to be used with Flow Finder. It reads the pressure differential created by a calibrated orifice located inside the Flow Finder and converts this reading into an electrical current output in the range of 4 to 20 milliamperes (mA). This electrical output is read remotely by our 289H LSS or uM260 Micro Monitors.

The High Resolution Pressure Transducer works on the same principal, but it does not require a Flow Finder connection for its readings. Instead it senses a change in pressure inside the nickel-plated brass housing and converts the change into an electrical output, which is then read remotely by the 289H LSS/uM260 monitor. Pressure readings can be taken in increments of .1 pounds per square inch (psi) rather than the .5 psi jumps that you find with other transducers.

Both of these solid-state devices have proven to be incredibly accurate accross their entire reading range. And because they are not mechanical resistive devices that utilize a stepped, electrical resistance scale to indicate changes in measured readings, the high resolution devices offer extended reading ranges and accuracy down to approximately 1% of calibrated operating span.

This hardware section provides links to information about our primary monitoring devices and special application sensors. More detailed information about these devices can be found on the individual data sheets located in our PDF library.

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