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Data Sheets
9800-7628 PressureMAP

Central Office Monitors
9800-6260 uM260 Micro Monitor
9800-6302 289H LSS Monitor
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9800-6302M 289H-M LSS Monitor
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9900-6263 Small Office Monitoring Kit
9800-0550 Purge Valve Assembly

Copper Theft Monitoring
9900-6260 Copper Theft Termination Kit

Monitor Cards & Equipment
9800-0030 LAN Controller Card
9010-0016 Tone Utility Card
9010-0060 uM260 Termination Adapter (6-Pair)
9010-0062 uM260 Termination Adapter (21-Pair)
9800-6116 Sparton Dedicated Replacement Card
9800-6046 Sparton Subscriber Line Adapter Module
9800-4451 Alarm Splitter Module

Central Office Panels & Miscellaneous Equipment
9800-3081 Instrument Panel
9800-3682, etc. Digital Panels
9800-5432 Balance Manifold
9800-5422, 5429 Small Office Manifolds

Central Office Air Dryer Equipment
9800-0550 Purge Solenoid Valve Assembly
9900-1500 Purge Valve Service Kit (Page 2 of PDF)

Emergency Air Delivery
9800-0905 Emergency Air Delivery Access Cabinet
9800-0911 Emergency Air Dryer

Transducers & Sensors
9800-4000 High Resolution Pressure Transducer
9800-4100 High Resolution Flow Transducer
9800-4200 High Resolution Dual Transducer
9800-4050 Barometric Pressure Transducer
9800-4400-T Water Level Sensor
9800-4410 Relative Humidity/Temperature Sensor
9800-4430 Nitrogen Tank Sensor
9800-4440 Utility Hole Temperature Transducer
9800-4445 Utility Hole Water Level Transducer
9800-4450 Contact Alarm Expander
9800-4505 3-Phase AC Sensor

Field Hardware
9800-3060, 3070 Flow Finder Manifolds
9800-3061 Manifold Monitoring Assembly
9800-3062 Curved Manifold Assembly
9800-3063, 3066 Flow Measurement Assembly
9800-3076 Flow Bank
9800-4849 Remote Dryer Monitoring Kit
9800-3905-BS-0 5-Port PSI Relief Manifold Assembly (Positive Air Flow System)
9800-3915-BS-0 10-Port PSI Relief Manifold Assembly (Positive Air Flow System)
9800-3906-BS-0 PSI Relief Transducer Assembly (Positive Air Flow System)
9800-3021 1/2" Air Pipe 3-Way Tee
9800-3051 1/2" Air Pipe Shutoff Valve Fitting
9800-3054 1/2" Air Pipe to 1/4" NPT-M Fitting
9800-3055 1/2" Air Pipe End Cap Coupler with Tank Valve
9800-3057 1/2" Air Pipe Coupler with Tank Valve
9080-3055 TD Housing Splice Assembly

9800-3100 Flow Gauge
9800-3105 Flow Direction Gauge
9800-3123 Digital Pressure Gauge
9800-3140 Humidity/Temperature Meter
9800-3210 Direction of Flow Indicator
9800-3600 Transducer Test Meter
9800-3750 Ultrasonic Leak Detector
9800-3600 Hydrogen Leak Detector
9800-3275 Half Inch Air Pipe Reamer
9800-3266 Quick-Connect Flow Finder Attachment