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System Studies' in-house Document Library contains information about a variety of cable pressurization-related topics. Listed below are a number of important documents, in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF), that we feel may be useful to you. They're provided in PDF format for easy downloading and printing, if desired.

As more information becomes available, it will be listed below. So, check back frequently.

Hardware Related Topics
PressureMAP Hardware
spacerPressureMAP Version 28 Server Requirements  [PDF 14kb]

uM260 Micro Monitor
spacerReplacing Dial-a-Ducer with uM260 Micro Monitor, Conversion Requirements  [PDF 1.11mb]
spaceruM260 Backup Battery Kit, Components & Programming Information  [PDF 855kb]
spaceruM260 Micro Monitor Rack Mount Panel Kit Installation Instructions  [PDF 145kb]

289H LSS / 289H-M LSS Monitor
spacerSetting Up LAN Controller Card with the 289H LSS & PressureMAP  [PDF 224kb]
spacer289H Controller Card / Utility Card Serial Number Identification  [PDF 192kb]
spacer289H LSS LAN Controller Card Information Update  [PDF 192kb]
spacer289H Chassis Rear Plate Removal  [PDF 507kb]
spacerInstalling the Sparton Dedicated Replacement Card  [PDF 507kb]
spacerEquipment Replacement Procedures for 289H-M LSS  [PDF 507kb]
spacer289H LAN Controller Card EPROM Replacement  [PDF 2.36mb]
spacer289H LSS Ordering Options  [PDF 22kb]
spacer289H-M LSS Ordering Options  [PDF 17kb]

Emergency Air Dryer
spacer0911 Emergency Air Dryer Specifications  [PDF 4.5mb]
spacerEmergency Air Dryer Components & Installation Information  [PDF 873kb]
spacerEmergency Air Feeder Assembly, Product Installation   [PDF 545kb]
spacerEmergency Air Receiver Assembly, Product Installation   [PDF 618kb]

Digital Panel Information
spacerSingle Digital Display Panel Installation Instructions  [PDF 3.14mb]
spacerDigital Panel Rack Assembly Installation Instructions  [PDF 17.16mb]
spacerDigital Panel Meter Flow Reading Adjustment  [PDF 806kb]

Alarm Splitter Module
spacerAlarm Splitter Module Installation & Setup  [PDF 226kb]
spacerAlarm Splitter Module, Modification for -48V DC Power  [PDF 805kb]

spacerKey Cable Maintenance Tools & Equipment  [PDF 3.62mb]
spacerUltrasonic Leak Detector Operating Instructions  [PDF 2.09mb]
spacerHydrogen Leak Detector Operating Instructions  [PDF 1.9mb]

spacerDigi PortServer II and Expansion Module  [PDF 949kb]
spacerConnecting Digi PortServer II Equipment  [PDF 175kb]
spacerConfiguring Digi PortServer II Using Directly Connected Terminal  [PDF 18kb]
spacerContact Alarm Expander Wiring  [PDF 299kb]
spacerBenefits of LAN Communications  [PDF 61kb]