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System Studies' in-house Document Library contains information about a variety of cable pressurization-related topics. Listed below are several documents, in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF), that we feel may be useful to you. They're provided in PDF format for easy downloading and printing, if desired.

As more information becomes available, it will be listed below. So, check back frequently.

Software Related Topics
spacerMAP System Enhancements List  [PDF 397kb]
spacerVersion 28 Program Enhancements & Modifications  [PDF 203kb]
spacerPressureMAP Version 28 Server Requirements  [PDF 14kb]
spacerLabor Efficiency Indicator and System Quality Index  [PDF 336kb]
spacerHow the System Quality Index (SQI) Works  [PDF 32kb]
spacer289H Diagnostics Tests  [PDF 54kb]
spacerPressureMAP: Helping to Reduce Code 4s  [PDF 629kb]
spacerFeature Summary: PressureMAP Version 29.xx & PressureWEB Version 4.xx  [PDF 182kb]

spacerPressureWEB Setup & Operation Instructions  [PDF 8.24mb]
spacerPressureWEB 3.2 Capabilities Overview  [PDF 5.50mb]
spacerFeature Summary: PressureMAP Version 28.00.05 & PressureWEB Version 03.02.05  [PDF 180kb]
spacerPressureWEB Leak Location (Graphing) Tool Operation Instructions  [PDF 537kb]
spacerInstalling Google Chrome Translation Extension for PressureWEB  [PDF 92kb]

spacerCopperWATCH Monitoring & Alarming Overview  [PDF 700kb]

System Status Viewer
spacerSystem Status Viewer Installation (Pre-Version 27)  [PDF 3.44mb]
spacerSystem Status Viewer Installation (Ver.27 and Later for SCO UNIX OS)  [PDF 226kb]
spacerSystem Status Viewer Installation (Ver.27 and Later for Linux OS)  [PDF 239kb]

spacerBackupEDGE / RecoverEDGE Installation & Configuration  [PDF 6.14mb]

Stand-alone uM260 Data Entry
spacerStand-alone uM260 Data Entry - Modem Version, Text Interface  [PDF 460kb]
spacerStand-alone uM260 Data Entry - LAN Version, Text Interface  [PDF 466kb
spacerStand-alone uM260 Data Entry - LAN Version, Web Browser Interface  [PDF 1.44mb]
spaceruM260 LAN Setup Procedure  [PDF 544kb]