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System Studies' in-house Document Library contains information about a variety of cable pressurization-related topics. Listed below are some documents, in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF), that we feel may be useful to you. They're provided in PDF format for easy downloading and printing, if desired.

As more information becomes available, it will be listed below. So, check back frequently.

Maintenance / Engineering Topics
3,000 Foot Manifold Spacing Designs
spacerMonitoring Considerations in a 2,000 Foot Manifold Spacing Design  [PDF 225kb]
spacerCable Pressurization 1,500/3,000 Foot Manifold Spacing Design  [PDF 150kb]
spacerUsing 289H to Convert From 6,000 to 3,000 Foot Manifold Spacing   [PDF 10kb]
spacerCable Pressurization System 3,000 Foot Manifold Spacing Design  [PDF 481kb]
spacerHistory of Cable Pressure System Designs  [PDF 132kb]
spacerEffects of High Air Pipe Flow Rates on Delivery Pressure  [PDF 97kb]

Leak Locating Topics
spacerA Primer on Cable Pressurization Maintenance  [PDF 562kb]
spacerLeak Locating Formulas  [PDF 2.99mb]
spacerPrioritized Cable Pressurization Leak Locating Strategy  [PDF 95kb]
spacerCorrecting Troubled Air Pipe Flows  [PDF 83kb]
spacerDo Addressable Transducers Improve Your Cable Pressurization System?  [PDF 33kb]

Engineering Forms
spacerManhole Butterfly Map (Blank)  [PDF 21kb]
spacerPipe Route Schematic  [PDF 400kb]