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System Studies has been providing cable pressurization instructional courses both at our Santa Cruz, California training facility and at telephone company locations nation-wide for over 32 years. Each of our experienced instructors has extensive knowledge of course material and how training concepts and practices can best be applied in the field.

Instructor photo: Bob Simpkins

Graduate of San Jose State University, with a B.S. Degree in Industrial Design.

Mr. Simpkins has accumulated nearly four degades of experience in cable pressurization, the last 34 with System Studies Incorporated. He has played a central role in the development and writing of several engineering guidelines and has also been the driving force behind the development and evolution of the PressureMAP™ and PressureWEB™ software. As President of Operations, he is currently responsible for the management of System Studies. On occasion, he teaches Cable Pressurization Engineering and PressureMAP Operations classes.

Prior to founding System Studies Incorporated, Mr. Simpkins was Product Manager for a small air pressure-related company where he co-developed the first flow transducer for telephone use and numerous other pressurization-related products.

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Instructor photo: Bill Simpkins

Graduate of Stanford University at Palo Alto, California, with a B.A. Degree in Economics.

Mr. Simpkins draws from nearly 40 years of cable pressurization experience to provide the background and expertise for the development of many innovative products and pressurization system enhancements. Among the most noteworthy are the Digital Display Panels, 0911 Emergency Air Dryer, uM260 Micro Monitor, Steam Monitoring System Design, Positive Air Flow System, and Power Pipe (one-inch air pipe) System. With emphasis on the maintenance and management side of cable pressurization, Mr. Simpkins is responsible for bringing System Studies' Cable Pressurization System Maintenance classes to more than seven thousand management and craft personnel nationwide.

Prior to the formation of System Studies Incorporated, Mr. Simpkins was Marketing Manager for an equipment manufacturing company and co-developer of the first flow transducer for telephone use.

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Instructor photo: John Cote

Mr. Cote joined System Studies in early 2005 after retiring with 30 years service from SBC. He brings to System Studies a high level of knowledge pertaining to Sparton and Chatlos monitors, which is invaluable in helping System Studies further improve PressureMAP/PressureWEB reliability with these products.

John's air pressure experience and understanding of monitoring requirements and issues provide an accessible knowledge base for assisting telco personnel in all aspects of cable pressurization. In addition, for the past several years, John has taught numerous on-site cable pressurization classes, including air dryer maintenance, cable pressurization leak locatiing (both basic and advanced courses), 3,000 Foot Manifold Spacing Design and other topics.