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Copper Theft Termination Kit

Copper Cable Theft Monitoring Termination Kit

The Copper Theft Termination Kit is a rack-mountable copper cable theft monitoring component that includes a 23 inch-wide by 1.75 inch high panel face plate (for quick installation in a standard equipment rack), plus an enclosure containing a monitoring pair termination adapter. The face plate also contains a cutout for mounting the required uM260 Micro Monitor, which must be ordered separately.

The Termination Adapater included in the enclosure provides locking jaw terminals for connecting a total of 21 conductor pairs, 16 of which are used for copper cable theft monitoring. To connect the terminated pairs to the uM260, a short 25-pair male/female Amphenol connector cable is supplied. There are no individual power requirements for the Copper Theft Termination Kit.

For more information about this equipment rack component, please refer to the Copper Theft Termination Kit data sheet. If you'd like to learn more about our successful copper cable theft detection application, please take a moment to review the CopperWATCH™ Overview or give us a call at (800) 247-8255.