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Browser Requirements

In order to maximize the performance of PressureWEB, there are two primary web browser setup requirements that should be performed. The first is to enable web browser cookies, and the second is to make sure that pop-up windows are allowed to display. These basic web browsing requirements will ensure that: 1) you are able to select which offices you would like to have displayed when you launch the application, and 2) you are able to see all of the information available from PressureWEB in its intended format.

It is possible that your web browser already has cookies enabled and is set to allow pop-up windows. You can check this by following the PressureWEB Setup instructions or by simply launching the application. If your computer blocks them, you can set your system to accept cookies and display pop-up windows for all web sites or just for PressureWEB.

For complete PressureWEB setup and configuration information, refer to the instructions in Section 4, page 4-6 of the PressureMAP Version 28 System Administration Manual.