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movie clip iconListed below on the left are links to some short YouTube videos that describe how to adjust and operate the digital displays on the System Studies' Digital Pipe and Distribution Panels. These panels are equipped with pressure and flow LED displays as well as independent contact alarming of high flows and low delivery pressures. The panel's Dual Digital Panel Meter (DDPM) component contains the two displays, plus five adjustment buttons. These surface controls allow you to designate contact alarm setpoints, change flow range output (if an installed Flow Finder is replaced with one of a different flow range), zero adjust the pressure display for your specific installation location, and silence flow alarms.

There's also a link to a longer, more detailed video that explains how a System Studies uM260 Micro Monitor can be used as a new installation or a Dial-a-Ducer replacement in a small central office. It describes equipment components, monitoring device wiring, PressureMAP data entry requirements, etc.

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