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Pressurization System Monitors

289H & 289H-M Photo 289H/289H-M LSS

Providing sophisticated performance without expensive hardware, the 289H and 289H-M LSS monitors form the core of the innovative remote monitoring equipment available from System Studies Incorporated. Working in partnership with the complex and powerful PressureMAP™ software, the 289H family of monitors serves as the link between PressureMAP and monitoring devices in the field.

Both monitors have the ability to read the variety of special application sensors and transducers (both resistive and mA output) that are available for cable pressurization system monitoring today. The larger 289H LSS chassis can read up to 1000 monitoring devices in an office, while the "mini" version is reserved for offices with 50 devices or fewer.

Please see our 289H LSS and 289H-M LSS data sheets for specifications and capabilities information. Part numbering information is available in our Product Catalog.