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0911 Emergency Air Dryer

0911 Emergency Air Dryer

The 0911 Emergency Air Dryer (Part No. 9800-0911) is a small, portable air dryer that can be used with commercial air compressors to provide a source of dry, high pressure air feed to central office panels during emergency situations. The air dryer was built onto a commercial-grade hand truck equipped with solid pneumatic tires to provide portability and maneuverability for on-site emergencies.

The portable dryer assembly includes four Micron filters, two particulate filters and two fine coalescer filters, to remove both solid and fine materials, including oil, water and rust. The assembly is also equipped with three gauges to monitor input and output pressures, plus flow rates in Standard Cubic Feet per Day. Thirty feet of 3/4" output tubing make it possible to easily connect dryer feed to an Emergency Air Feeder Assembly (Part No. 9800-0901) installed in a half-inch air pipe at a manhole location or to an Emergency Air Delivery Access Cabinet (Part No. 9800-0905) on the exterior wall of a central office.

The 0911 Air Dryer provides the critical air delivery you need for your air pressure system when natural or man-made disasters bring your air dryer operation to a halt. Keep your valuable outside plant protected. Keep a 0911 Emergency Air Dryer nearby in your maintenance garage.

For more information and specifications, check out our data sheet.