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Remote Air Dryer Monitoring Kit

Remote Dryer Monitoring Kit System Studies' Remote Dryer Monitoring Kit (Part No. 9800-4849) is built around the uM260 Micro Monitor. It is comprised of a rugged plastic cabinet containing our modem version of the uM260 Micro Monitor (Part No. 9800-6260M) and our uM260 Backup Battery Kit (Part No. 9800-4848BBU).

The Backup Battery Kit includes a battery, a -48V DC power supply, a termination adapter (for the uM260-monitored pairs), power supply cables, and alarm and power conductor pairs. These components not only make it possible to place the monitor in operation, they also offer emergency backup power and the ability to detect and alarm on AC power failures. (Please note that the -48V DC power supply is intended to be placed outside of the cabinet near the AC power source.)

Other kit components include a Flow Measurement Assembly, which consists of a High Resolution Dual (pressure/flow) Transducer and a Flow Finder (with a range of your choosing), pneumatically plumbed and mounted to a stainless steel bracket. The Flow Measurement Assembly, Backup Battery and a conductor wire terminal strip are secured to an aluminum surface plate installed at the base of the cabinet. The uM260 Monitor and 6-pair Termination Adapter (Part No. 9010-0060) are mounted to the lid of the cabinet and electrically tied to the aluminum surface plate using a bonding strap.

The Remote Dryer Monitoring Kit (Part No. 9800-4849) is available in four Flow Finder ranges:
9800-4849-W  ::  0-9.5 SCFH
9800-4849-X  ::  0-19 SCFH
9800-4849-Y  ::  0-47.5 SCFH
9800-4849-Z  ::  0-95 SCFH
For more information, check out our data sheet.