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One Inch Air Pipe Hardware

Power Pipe Panel  (P/N 9800-3099)
Power Pipe Panel

The Power Pipe™ Panel is a specially designed central office panel that accommodates a high capacity, 1" air pipe (Power Pipe). The panel contains a pressure regulator to control air dryer output pressure, a shutoff valve, a 0-475 SCFH (13,450 LPH) Flow Finder, and a High Resolution Dual Transducer to remotely measure delivery pressure and flow rates.

A similar one inch air pipe panel configuration is also available as a Power Pipe Return Panel (Part No. 9800-3085). The Power Pipe Return Panel is used to remove air flow from a Positive Air Flow System™. Each panel is equipped with the components for monitoring and regulating the flow rate of one return Power Pipe.

Information about pricing for this equipment can be obtained from your Purchasing Department or by calling System Studies Incorporated at 800-247-8255.