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Flow Gauge

Flow GaugeThe Flow Gauge is a portable measurement device that converts the pressure differential created by the Flow Finder into an accurate flow reading. Using a "quick connect" sampler assembly, the Flow Gauge attaches directly to the two sampler valves located on top of the Flow Finder.

It displays output in four color-coded flow ranges, corresponding to the output of the four original Flow Finder ranges (0–9.5, 0–19, 0–47.5 and 0–95 SCFH). Readings can also be taken on the higher range Flow Finder by simply multiplying the output of the complementary scale by 10 (for example, using the 0–19 SCFH scale for the 190 SCFH Flow Finder). A "times two" button on top of the gauge makes it possible to read flow rates up to twice the maximum rated flow range of the Flow Finder being read.

Reading the Gauge Face

Reading the Flow Gauge is as simple as matching the color of the Flow Finder with the color on the face of the gauge. For example, a 0–47.5 SCFH Flow Finder has a blue label. Therefore, the blue scale on the Flow Gauge is used to determine the flow rate.

Please note that it is important to size the range of the Flow Finder for a particular installation with the expected flow rate. For example, you would not want to use a 0–47.5 SCFH Flow Finder where the flow rate is typically low. Looking at the scale above, you can see how it would be nearly impossible to read a flow rate of 2 or 3 SCFH on the blue scale. In this case, it would be better to install a 0–9.5 SCFH Flow Finder and use the green scale. With the gauge's times two capability, you could still read accurate flow rates with a 0–9.5 Flow Finder up to 19 SCFH.

Flow Gauge Face Scales

Flow Gauge Sampler

The Flow Gauge Sampler head makes it possible to quickly and easily connect the Flow Gauge to a Flow Finder, High Resolution Transducer or high valve and take a manual flow reading. Its unique design and knurled thumb screw ensure a tight connection and prevent it from being installed backwards, thus eliminating the possibility of taking a reverse flow measurement. When taking a reading attach the sampler head with its arrow facing the same direction as the arrow on the Flow Finder label. Wait for the needle to settle down, then read the flow value from the appropriate colored scale on the gauge face. If the reading is pegged (off scale), press the times two button on the top of the gauge. The true flow value will be twice the indicated flow reading.


For additional information about the Flow Gauge, refer to our data sheet.